6 Essential Doctor Visits to Do Through Telemedicine

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Advances in technology are making all aspects of our lives more convenient and easy to manage. This certainly is true in the field of health services. Medical practice has evolved so much in recent years that it is now possible to obtain a diagnosis from a qualified doctor without meeting face to face. There is no doubt; telemedicine solution providers are transforming the way people go to the doctor.

Telemedicine is the remote delivery of medical services, consultations, or assessments over the telecommunications infrastructure. A telemedicine network is, essentially, a collection of sites composed of various shared medical information and communication systems, which include data storage, general purpose and specific information, and processing services. These systems are connected through an area computer network specifically for the purpose of telemedicine. Telemedicine solution providers make it possible for healthcare personnel to evaluate, diagnose, and offer prescriptions without the need for an inpatient visit.

There are two ways a patient can access telemedicine:

Online diagnosis

With telemedicine, it’s now possible to diagnose remotely a medical condition that once required a visit to the doctor’s office. It might be easy to associate the term “telemedicine” with technology too advanced for most people. However, telemedicine primarily involves a variety of common platforms like email, video, and smartphones. Video and smartphone conferencing make it possible to chat with your doctor from the privacy of your home or office. All that is needed is a computer or smartphone with a webcam and internet access.

Walk-in kiosk

It is also possible to set up walk-in telemedicine kiosks in convenient locations. Patients can stroll in without an appointment and get treated for minor health conditions, including skin conditions, rashes, colds and flu, sore throats, eye conditions, and even allergies. The kiosks are equipped with webcams and video cameras, so it’s possible to connect live with a doctor. They also have instruments that will enable the doctor to look into your throat or ear, listen to your heartbeat, and check your blood pressure. Once the doctor has completed the exam, he or she will send prescriptions electronically.

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Here are six essential doctor visits you can accomplish through telemedicine:

1. Coughs and Colds

You can get your cough or cold evaluated using your smart phone at home, or at a kiosk while you’re at the supermarket. The physician will explain how you can position the camera so that your throat is clearly visible. Then, as the two of you chat, your doctor can examine your mouth and throat and provide a diagnosis.

2. Cuts

Most scrapes and cuts are usually very easy to treat with a washcloth, bandage, and a little ointment. A doctor can evaluate these cuts remotely, and provide instructions for cleaning, applying ointment, and bandaging the injury.

3. Illnesses and injuries at work

Telemedicine helps workers by providing quality assessment and treatment of employee injuries at the workplace. The ability to assess, evaluate, and treat employees at work has proven effective in boosting productivity and has helped to reduce medical costs as well.

4. Virtual care

Virtual care offers a quick, cost effective, and easy option to be see a doctor. These online visits can address medical conditions including pink eye, poison ivy, and swimmer’s ear. The doctors who treat you during virtual care are the same physicians who treat patients in walk-in clinics. They’re board certified in family medicine.

5. Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can be treated at home without having to seek medical advice. And most people will feel better after a couple of days. But if your symptoms are severe or persistent, you can employ telemedicine to consult your doctor.

6. Flu-like symptoms

When flu season begins, some doctors say that a virtual visit provides faster relief and lowers the risks of infecting others. Additionally, if you seek treatment when you first notice symptoms, this will drastically shorten the duration of the illness. For these reasons and more, many people are finding telemedicine to be a stress-free and effective method of handling flu-related illnesses.