I Want To Be A Clinical IT Analyst

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Was Clinical IT Analyst on your radar when you were a child?

Perhaps the closest you came to this notion was a professional video game player. That dream probably grew into video game programmer as you got older but coding forms for health information? This writer is willing to bet that was never on your wish list or your bucket list.

What is a clinical IT analyst?

Simply defined, it is a person with an IT background who specializes in clinical data management, programming and design. A more complex description would be a person with in depth knowledge of medical record form coding, technical training and implementation, and a general knowledge of medical terminology and practices.

As more and more hospitals, clinics and private practices move to telehealth, electronic medical records, billing, and management, experienced professionals with clinical IT backgrounds are needed to meet staffing requirements at those facilities.

Medical Needs Increasing

Our medical needs as a society are increasing by the minute. It is imperative we have skilled medical professionals to meet those needs. Our doctors, nurses, physicians assistants, medical assistants, all need to keep up to date with technology but should not be overwhelmed by it. Medical professionals do not want or need to be bogged down by technology. Their focus should be solely on the patient’s care. It is the clinical IT professional who works to make that focus happen on a daily basis. Who do you call when you can’t open your email or the system freezes? An IT person in your company. The same goes for doctor’s offices, hospitals and clinics. Who do they call when their admitting form won’t accept an insurance type or a diagnosis code doesn’t sync up with a billing code? They call their clinical IT person. This is an in demand profession and one that is going to remain in demand as long as people need health care. A clinical IT analyst is the senior IT person who keeps the cogs working so the wagon keeps rolling

In the video game “Minecraft” the objective is the players must collect resources, build structures, battle mobs, manage hunger, and explore the land in an effort to survive. In the clinical IT world the objective is the IT person must collect data, build clinical infrastructure from that data, battle resistance from clinical staff, manage data and explore ways to streamline that data for maximum performance.
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