Converting From Paper To Electronic Medical Records

For years doctors have used paper charts to keep track of patient medical records. While this system may be suitable for small practices, it doesn’t take advantage of technological advances, nor does it facilitate easy sharing of information between medical practices. The good news is that improvements to the system are already underway thanks to… Read more »

Telemedicine Explained

It wasn’t that long ago that the only way to get professional medical care was to visit a hospital or doctor’s office or rely on country doctors to make house calls to remote areas. These days, medical care has changed dramatically thanks to the growth of information and communications technology. With the expansion of the… Read more »

Health Informatics – 3 Ways It Impacts Patient Care

Patient records are an integral part of delivering high-quality healthcare to patients. The health industry previously relied on paper-based systems, and these systems very often depended on a patient’s ability to recall his own medical history and his family’s medical history on command. This system worked in the absence of a better solution, but now… Read more »