The Benefits of Telemedicine Implementation

The Benefits of Telemedicine Implementation

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With patient care at the forefront in the medical industry, many companies and hospitals are opting for telemedicine implementation. Telemedicine provides a means of electronic medical records, current health records, and a range of consulting services. This guide will help you determine if telemedicine implementation is right for you.


Increased Patient Satisfaction


When you open up new options that benefit the patient, you will experience an uptick in patient satisfaction. For instance, patients may be able to access an online portal that allows them to schedule an online consultation with their primary care physician. Your medical office may see an increase in appointments, as this is convenient for patients to schedule their appointments. This would also allow for physicians in that office to easily see their own schedules and determine when they will have openings. This helps to put patient satisfaction at the forefront.


Ease of Record Keeping


When it comes to record keeping, electronic options are generally more secure. Paper trails and physical copies are great to have on hand, but electronic means of documentation can provide more security for patient confidentiality. Electronic health records can also allow a medical office to run more efficiently, as they will not have to keep track of as many paper documents. Over 4 trillion paper documents are in the United States alone. This amount grows yearly at a rate of 22%. Keeping track of all of these paper documents proves to be a challenge and it is not uncommon that records could be misplaced. Telemedicine implementation allows converting paper to electronic health records. Converting from paper to electronic medical records keeps the patient’s information stored correctly and securely for easy access.


Speak to a Representative


Telemedicine implementation can have many benefits for patients and medical offices alike. The ease of electronic health records can make organization a breeze and allow an extra level of security for a patient’s confidentiality. If you have any questions or concerns about telemedicine implementation, reach out to one of our skilled representatives today. They are expertly trained on meeting the needs of each consumer and can help you determine if telemedicine implementation is right for you and your needs.