The Distinct Benefits of EMR Compared to Paper Medical Records

The Distinct Benefits of EMR Compared to Paper Medical Records

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Modern technology offers many solutions to improve the efficiency and reliability of all kinds of businesses. However, even something like transitioning to digital files from paper ones can seem more daunting than it’s worth.

Despite the perceived difficulties in these transitions, medical practices are one type of industry that can see a range of advantages in converting from paper to electronic medical records (EMR). Discover the important benefits of EMR and you’ll realize why your medical practice needs to make this change.


Improved Security

According to research from the Gartner Group, 15% of paper documents across all industries are misplaced and 7% are lost completely. While losing a document may not constitute an emergency in some businesses, it can be devastating for a medical facility. Many documents in a medical practice contain sensitive information about the patient’s health, but they might also contain important financial information, addresses, and more. However, this kind of dangerous displacement doesn’t happen when medical practices use an electronic records system.


Increased Access

Once your practice completes your EMR project and has succeeded in converting paper to electronic health records, healthcare professionals will have a much more efficient way to access medical records. Rather than spending time rifling through countless files, physicians and administrators can quickly pull up a patient’s electronic file with a simple click of a mouse. If a patient needs that file sent to them or to another medical provider, your facility won’t have to waste time and money on physically mailing it.


Efficient Storage

Healthcare facilities will often store paper medical records in large warehouses for safekeeping. The medical records typically overwhelm the space in a warehouse, stuffing it to capacity. One of the greatest benefits of EMR is the elimination of warehouse space. Not only will this elimination give you back the money you spent on renting or maintaining that storage space, but it will make your facility more environmentally friendly. An electronic storage system doesn’t use up the planet’s finite resources while still providing a more secure storage location.

If you’ve been considering making the switch to EMR, don’t put it off any longer. Contact CIS Consulting to find out how your facility can start this transition today.