The Unexpected Benefits of Staff Augmentation

The Unexpected Benefits of Staff Augmentation

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Did you know that there are more than 700,000 individual consulting services worldwide, spanning across virtually all aspects of business?

Staff augmentation is a kind of outsourcing that companies use when large-scale or highly important projects need additional talent. As a result, businesses augment their existing staff with specialists whose unique skill sets apply perfectly to particular projects. In booming industries where projects are ongoing and high volume, such as IT, the main benefits of partnering with a staff augmentation agency are getting your work done with the best talent for every project.

To help clear up what exactly staff augmentation can do for a business, keep reading to learn some unexpected benefits of staff augmentation.

Save Money

Hiring full-time employees to work on one-time projects takes more money, effort, and time than necessary. Instead of hiring additional employees directly, companies can augment their existing staff with specialized professionals on a strictly short-term basis. This allows businesses to avoid expenses involved with benefits, salaries, and other costs involved with the hiring process.

Enjoy More Control

Short-term projects are best for temporary workers who only need to work for a specified number of hours. Staffing augmentation agencies give businesses the opportunity to hire based on unique skills. This provides companies top talent at a mere fraction of what it would cost to hire full-time. After identifying what major tasks or areas their permanent workforce requires, they can hire based on these discoveries. This helps to keep companies in control of their workforce.

Enjoy Faster Scalability

Staff augmentation lets you scale your business in a way that’s cost-effective and efficient. It allows you to cut costs while hiring the top talent for individual projects; as a result, your business can achieve faster scalability than if you were hiring new employees full-time. Most companies experience workloads that change and fluctuate constantly. Temporary staffing gives you the perfect opportunity to manage upcoming and ongoing demand on a project-by-project basis, instead of assuming you’ll always have enough work to make a full-time hire worthwhile. By taking on new business efficiently like this, you have the chance to scale up and grow faster than you otherwise would.

Superior to Complete Outsourcing

While staff augmentation may be a form of outsourcing, it also gives companies complete control over the skills and experience the temporary staff has. The primary advantage of this is that businesses are able to monitor their temporary hires’ progress because the temporary staff will probably be working alongside permanent employees and supervisors. This offers a substantial improvement over complete outsourcing, where you probably never see the people working on your projects. This also enables companies to protect the confidentiality of their sensitive projects.

Provides an Objective Perspective

For a company with ongoing projects, having the benefit of an outside perspective from temporary employees. Fresh eyes can bring suggestions to light that can improve projects or practices in the long term, while permanent staff may be too focused on their work to notice. This could increase productivity and boost ideas in your workplace.

Of course, every workplace is different, and the changing dynamic from one office to another is probably going to be different. For temporary staff members working on a project-by-project basis, the chance of them getting involved in office politics is far lower than if they were getting onboard full-time.

Much like converting from paper to electronic medical records, getting your existing staff augmented for temporary processes is an intelligent and modern solution for an old problem. For a cost-effective and convenient way to get talented professionals for short-term projects, staff augmentation from CIS Consulting is the way to go.