Why Leaving a Paper Trail Slows You Down: Make the Switch to Online Records

Why Leaving a Paper Trail Slows You Down: Make the Switch to Online Records

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Each year, more industries say goodbye to the outdated way of keeping records. Long gone are the days of keeping tangible paper records in filing cabinets that are as tall as the eye can see. The same goes for hospitals and clinics across the nation. If you’re interested in learning more about ditching that paper trail, read on.

Paper Records Are Bad for the Environment

Paper is quite wasteful. Not to mention, it doesn’t last forever. Digital files, however, don’t take up physical space, meaning you’ll cut down on the amount of waste you’re creating and doing your part for Mother Earth.

You’ll also always have your files backed up, in case there is a fire or other destructive force that can obliterate your patients’ medical histories.

Paper Health Records Don’t Allow for Enhanced Security

Your patients deserve to have their medical histories under strict and safe lockdown. Anyone can break in and steal tangible records, however stowing this valuable information behind a password-protected firewall is more effective.

Telemedicine Implementation Should be the Next Step

Telehealth or telemedicine implementation, allows patients to feel more connected. It’s also convenient, as they’re able to book online, set appointment reminders, and ask for advice all from the comfort of their own home.

Remote Patient Monitoring Gives Your Patient Peace of Mind

Another great aspect of telemedicine implementation is that it allows for remote patient monitoring. Healthcare providers can keep an eye on their patients, even when they are miles away. They’ll have access to their blood pressure and blood sugar levels — even out of the hospital.

Need Help Converting From Paper to Electronic Medical Records? — Utilize Our Consulting Services

Whether you’re seeking telemedicine implementation for your hospital or clinic, or staff augmentation, upgrading your workforce is of the utmost importance. Contact us for details if you wish to learn more about making this valuable switch, and leaving your paper trail in the past.