Why Medical Facilities Should Convert Papers to Electronic Health Records

Why Medical Facilities Should Convert Papers to Electronic Health Records

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Current statistics indicate that the United States produces more than 92 million metric tons of paper every year.

The medical industry is classified as one of the highest consumers of paper records. This is not a show of effort or work done in the pharmaceutical sector, but it clearly shows how the industry has been left behind in the wake of the innovative and paperless world.

If you operate a medical facility, you should be contemplating converting paper to electronic health records as it offers the following benefits.

Saves Space in the Office

In a small medical facility, space is an essential factor. At a time when having more offices and consultancy rooms is vital for medical facilities, it is crucial to consider finding a method of saving space.

Converting paper to electronic health records can help in saving space in a medical hospital. Most of the medical documents can be saved in a tiny computer, which will leave the rest of the space for other activities.

File Durability

Converting paper to electronic health records is an important aspect of growth and development for any organization. Computer files can last for many years as compared to hard copies.

Studies show that converting from paper to electronic medical records can help medical facilities adhere to the regulations of storing a medical file for up to six months as required by law. This isn’t very easy to achieve when such documents are stored in paper form.

Accurate Documentation

Every person who is working in the medical industry understands the benefits of having precise health records. It could be the difference between a correct or a wrong diagnosis.

Therefore, converting paper to electronic health records is essential in eliminating medical errors. Converting from paper to electronic medical records can ensure that a file has accurate information about the patient, which will promote correct diagnosis and treatment as well. This is something that medical facilities should not ignore.

Quick Access

Medical facilities operate in a state of emergency on most days. It is vital to access medical files of a specific patient so that treatment can be administered immediately. Sometimes it is a life-saving situation.

Accessing paper files is time-consuming and could prove dangerous in a case where diagnosis and treatment are required immediately. However, in an electronic storage system, it will take seconds to access a medical file, which is essential in administering treatments and medications where necessary.

Cost Implications

Converting paper to electronic health records has significant cost implications in a medical facility. It is vital to save money in a medical facility.

Using a paper storage system will not help in saving any money in the hospital. Instead, it will increase the cost of handling files and replacing the old ones.

Telemedicine implementation helps in ensuring that the cost of running a medical facility is brought to the bare minimum, which is essential in enhancing the operations of the facility.

Security of Records

In the last few years, the security of health records has become an issue of concern in the United States.

Many consulting services have been recommending digital implementation in various hospital facilities, which will enhance the security of such records. Converting paper to electronic health records is essential in risk mitigation.

With the current technology, digital health records can be saved in the cloud. Cloud storage can also help in ensuring that such records can be replaced immediately after attempted compromise. Such security measures are not possible in paper records.

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