9 Steps to Telemedicine Implementation

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telemedicine implementation

With over 700,000 businesses providing consulting services around the world, it’s no surprise that the medical field is catching on to the trend with telemedicine implementation. When your facility or practice gets telemedicine implementation from CIS Consulting, you’ll be able to work with patients and diagnose their conditions remotely — an option that’s becoming increasingly… Read more »

5 Top Reasons Why You Should Implement EMR and Telemedicine

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As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, medical practitioners are adopting new tools to grow their practices and provide better services. One area in the medical industry that has experienced tremendous growth, as CIS consulting will rightly let you know, involves electronic medical records (EMR) and telemedicine. By the year 2020, the telemedicine market alone… Read more »

4 Key Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients and Clinicians

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Technology has improved every industry, but the medical industry has been impacted more than most. Telemedicine allows doctors to provide quality care to their patients live via the web, rather than requiring in-person appointments. There are countless benefits of telemedicine, which is why so many physicians and patients are starting to take advantage of it…. Read more »

What Are The Benefits Of Telemedicine For Patients?

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Are you trying to decide whether or not telemedicine is a good fit for your healthcare organizations? Well, telemedicine is starting to quickly become a mainstay in the healthcare industry. We are living in a time in which consumers have become accustomed to getting much of their information on demand. Therefore, they are starting to… Read more »

5 Signs You Need EMR Consulting Services

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EMR Consulting

Let’s face it, medical records can be frustrating. Between keeping up with new information and making sure that things are orderly, it’s a tough task. Thankfully, you can get some help. EMR consulting can make your medical facility run smoother than ever! Ready to learn more? Keep reading for some telltale signs that it’s time… Read more »

4 Important Ways Healthcare Technology Improves Your Patient Care

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Healthcare technology continues to be a hot topic of conversation, as the world that we’ve long visualized gets closer to being our reality. It’s changing how healthcare providers diagnose, treat, manage and monitor. Health tech has the potential to save lives, improve quality of life, and completely redirect the downward trajectory of hard to manage… Read more »

Why Are Telemedicine Doctors Important?

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telemedicine doctors

It’s no secret that healthcare costs continue to rise year after year. As a result, patients are having more difficulty accessing traditional physician’s services. The American Hospital Association (AHA) recently reported some surprising healthcare statistics. Over 76 percent of patients place more value on access to health care than on having in-person interactions with their… Read more »