expand the reach of your practice with A virtual exam suite


We offer telemedicine equipment packages featuring up to 14 different FDA-approved devices, empowering providers to perform remote consultations and diagnostic exams. Doctors may listen remotely to breath or heartbeats from anywhere in the world, or even examine a skin lesion remotely. Any brick-and-mortar examination room can be converted into a telemedicine suite. With this technology, an employer medical suite or a doctor’s office can provide an enhanced level of clinical care with the medical information derived from these modular devices.

HIPAA-compliant secure online video exam room

tlsecurevideoIn our online exam room, physicians connect with their patients via secure, online video sessions. There is no need for either patient or physician to travel to an office. Patients can participate using a special app on their smartphone, computer, or tablet device.

For physicians, HIPAA-compliant video sessions can be done from anywhere – all they need is a broadband internet connection and a computer with a microphone and a webcam. This convenience expands their availability and reach, making it easier to give their patients the most attentive care when and where they need it.

Interactive, video-based exams enable physicians to manage their patient population more efficiently and keep them out of the ER, generate additional revenue from payers who have approved online visits to date, and make their patients happier by offering a type of concierge service with premium access at an affordable price.