7 Ways Health Informatics Transforms Health Care

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It is amazing how technology intertwines with the health sector. Just a few years ago, nobody could predict how the development of technology would drive health care innovation.  Now we see that nearly everything in the health care industry derives from these transformations. Health informatics, for example, has had a significant impact on the management, handling, and… Read more »

Telemedicine Reimbursement Options

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If you've completed your electronic health records implementation and you're ready to move on, here's what to know about telemedicine reimbursement.

The growth of telecommunications technologies over the past several years has created new opportunities for businesses to connect with customers and offer valuable services, often at less expense. Healthcare providers have started to realize the potential inherent to telemedicine. The medical field has largely embraced electronic medical records implementation, switching from an outdated system of… Read more »

How to Update Your Practice With Electronic Medical Records

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There are many ways in which transitioning from paper charts to an electronic medical record (EMR) system can update your practice.

The onward march of technology means that new advances are constantly hitting the consumer marketplace. As a business owner, you can’t necessarily afford to spend beaucoup bucks on every new device or program that becomes available. Because you own and operate a medical practice, however, it is important to spot technological trends that are relevant… Read more »

How to Convert Paper Charts to Electronic Medical Records

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Your practice may need to eventually commit to convert paper charts to electronic medical records. Here are some guidelines to make the transition smooth.

Health informatics are quickly becoming standard practice for many medical offices interested in the cost savings, convenience, and increased efficiency associated with upgrading to digital platforms. In your own practice, this could mean committing to making the switch from cumbersome paper charts to electronic medical records (EMR). How do you go about implementing this massive… Read more »

I Want To Be A Clinical IT Analyst

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Was Clinical IT Analyst on your radar when you were a child? Perhaps the closest you came to this notion was a professional video game player. That dream probably grew into video game programmer as you got older but coding forms for health information? This writer is willing to bet that was never on your… Read more »