4 Important Ways Healthcare Technology Improves Your Patient Care

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Healthcare technology continues to be a hot topic of conversation, as the world that we’ve long visualized gets closer to being our reality. It’s changing how healthcare providers diagnose, treat, manage and monitor. Health tech has the potential to save lives, improve quality of life, and completely redirect the downward trajectory of hard to manage… Read more »

7 Ways Health Informatics Transforms Health Care

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health informatics

It is amazing how technology intertwines with the health sector. Just a few years ago, nobody could predict how the development of technology would drive health care innovation.  Now we see that nearly everything in the health care industry derives from these transformations. Health informatics, for example, has had a significant impact on the management, handling, and… Read more »

7 Ways Telemedicine Can Improve Value Based Care & Lower Your Costs

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7 ways telemedcine can improve patient health

Telemedicine is something that’s existed as a concept pretty much since the invention of the phone. Every form of effective long-distance communication has been and can be used for medical consultations, whether between professionals or between a doctor and their patient. It was the recent advances of the Internet, however, that brought telemedicine to the… Read more »

The House Call Is Back! (But This Isn’t Your Grandparents’ House Call)

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Telemedicine and house calls

Not long ago, house calls by doctors were a common occurrence. As recently as our grandparents’ generation, women delivered babies at home. Doctors came to the house to diagnose and treat ailments like colds, cuts, and other common health concerns. Eventually, house calls have disappeared. They’ve been replaced with long waits in offices or emergency… Read more »

How School Systems are Using Telemedicine

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Telemedicine for the school system

Every parent dreads a phone call from the school nurse. If your child has been sent to the nurse with a tummy ache, boo-boo, sniffle, or other ailment, chances are you’re going to have to take time off work to head to the school and assess the situation. In some cases, the event is serious… Read more »

How to Add Telehealth To Your Services

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Telehealth service by physician

Advances in technology are changing the way we live our lives and conduct business, including how patients and doctors can interact. Factors like the rising costs of healthcare and a growing gap in available physicians has left a lot of patients unwilling or unable to receive the consultation and care they need. Telehealth solutions have… Read more »

Reaching a Large Patient Base with Telemedicine

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One advantage of telemedicine is the ability to reach and serve a larger patient base. Here are more ways it's transforming the way doctors serve patients.

Most healthcare professionals are now on board with technological advances and digital upgrades that allow them to more efficiently and effectively serve their patients. Although making the switch to electronic health records and medical case management software takes time, it is worth it in the long run. New technologies are making daily tasks like consulting… Read more »

Load Balancing – A Telemedicine Feature

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Load balancing is just one of the many benefits of using telemedicine and having it available to your patients increases convenience and revenue.

Telemedicine is the distribution of remote patient care through ever-advancing communications technologies. This is an especially important issue in locations where access to healthcare is difficult, resources are inadequate or in cases where needed specialty expertise is unavailable – such as in isolated, rural areas. Telemedicine can offer a unique advantage to your clinic, for… Read more »

How to Avoid Telemedicine Liability Risks

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To ease yourself, your colleagues, or your employees into this new phase of medical technology, remember these ways to avoid telemedicine liability risks.

Telemedicine is an exciting new facet of the world of health care. In an increasingly virtual culture, it only makes sense that patients should have a way to receive medical attention without leaving the house. It has benefits for the patient and the doctor, but it does come with risks as well. As the practice… Read more »

How to Update Your Practice With Electronic Medical Records

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There are many ways in which transitioning from paper charts to an electronic medical record (EMR) system can update your practice.

The onward march of technology means that new advances are constantly hitting the consumer marketplace. As a business owner, you can’t necessarily afford to spend beaucoup bucks on every new device or program that becomes available. Because you own and operate a medical practice, however, it is important to spot technological trends that are relevant… Read more »