The House Call Is Back! (But This Isn’t Your Grandparents’ House Call)

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Telemedicine and house calls

Not long ago, house calls by doctors were a common occurrence. As recently as our grandparents’ generation, women delivered babies at home. Doctors came to the house to diagnose and treat ailments like colds, cuts, and other common health concerns. Eventually, house calls have disappeared. They’ve been replaced with long waits in offices or emergency… Read more »

How School Systems are Using Telemedicine

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Telemedicine for the school system

Every parent dreads a phone call from the school nurse. If your child has been sent to the nurse with a tummy ache, boo-boo, sniffle, or other ailment, chances are you’re going to have to take time off work to head to the school and assess the situation. In some cases, the event is serious… Read more »

Urgent Care or Emergency Room?

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Urgent care vs emergency room

A friend of mine and I were talking the other day. She told me how difficult it was to help her daughter, who was away at college, find a good doctor. Apparently, a few weeks prior her daughter had been having nagging headaches that she suspected were sinus related.  My friend told me how she… Read more »

Load Balancing – A Telemedicine Feature

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Load balancing is just one of the many benefits of using telemedicine and having it available to your patients increases convenience and revenue.

Telemedicine is the distribution of remote patient care through ever-advancing communications technologies. This is an especially important issue in locations where access to healthcare is difficult, resources are inadequate or in cases where needed specialty expertise is unavailable – such as in isolated, rural areas. Telemedicine can offer a unique advantage to your clinic, for… Read more »

Converting From Paper To Electronic Medical Records

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For practices interested in improving records storage and integration with online databases, here's what electronic medical record implementation entails.

For years doctors have used paper charts to keep track of patient medical records. While this system may be suitable for small practices, it doesn’t take advantage of technological advances, nor does it facilitate easy sharing of information between medical practices. The good news is that improvements to the system are already underway thanks to… Read more »

Telemedicine Explained

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What exactly is telemedicine? Here are a few basics to help you understand this growing field and what it means for both doctors and patients.

It wasn’t that long ago that the only way to get professional medical care was to visit a hospital or doctor’s office or rely on country doctors to make house calls to remote areas. These days, medical care has changed dramatically thanks to the growth of information and communications technology. With the expansion of the… Read more »

Health Informatics – 3 Ways It Impacts Patient Care

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Patient records are an integral part of delivering high-quality healthcare to patients. The health industry previously relied on paper-based systems, and these systems very often depended on a patient’s ability to recall his own medical history and his family’s medical history on command. This system worked in the absence of a better solution, but now… Read more »