EMR Services: Why Convert Paper to Digital

EMR Services: Why Convert Paper to Digital

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The medical field revolves around patient and medical records, and there are many benefits of EMR, or electronic medical records. Begin an EMR project to convert all paper copies of patient and medical records to a digital format, and you can see the benefits almost immediately.

Here are the reasons why telemedicine implementation is important. When you convert paper files into electronic ones, your business benefits in many ways, and your patients benefit too.

Documents Remain Intact


Here’s a disturbing fact: around 15% of paper documents are lost at some point in a business, and half of those documents are never recovered. Imagine that percentage in your medical office or hospital, and all the private and important medical documents being lost or totally misplaced.

When you go to converting from paper to electronic medical records as part of your EMR project, you potentially help make your patient records be more protected. Your main priority is keeping confidential documents confidential, so do your part to keep this going strong by changing from paper format to digital and virtual formats.

A paper document is difficult to trace and can get into the wrong or inappropriate hands. In the medical field, this can be disastrous and put your patients at risk of privacy breaches.

Consider the number of papers you have in your medical office, and also consider what those documents contain, such as social security numbers, insurance IDs, patients’ names and addresses, and other documents you don’t want to get lost. Over the years, the documents only grow as patient records have more information in them, so you need to do what you can to keep these records safe. Going digital as part of your EMR project is an ideal way to reach a solution.

Documents Remain Organized

The reason why paper documents get lost is that offices get moved, patient records go from one department to another, records get mixed up and placed out of order, or they just get outright misplaced due to human error. You can prevent this from happening in the future with patient records by converting paper to electronic health records throughout your building.

Better organization means more space in the office, easier patient record retrieval, and less likelihood of losing any patient information now or in the future. You can also keep track of who has access to what information in the workplace, which further protects patient records and keeps organization efforts going strong.

When you convert medical records to an electronic version, your company benefits in many ways. Begin an EMR project now to protect customer information and keep your office well-organized and smoothly running.