We Understand Your Need For  A High-Quality EMR ProjectWith more than 25 years’ experience in the health informatics industry, CIS owner and principal consultant Heather Lysantri understands that a system is only as good as the efforts lifting it to success.

Ms. Lysantri has had the opportunity to serve in the capacity of both client and vendor during her career, and has seen too many occasions in which clients suffer from poorly implemented EMR projects. This was not because their vendor application failed them, but because they either could not afford high-cost consulting services or their consultants were simply not knowledgeable enough or properly committed to helping clients reap the benefits of EMR.

Based on this experience, Ms. Lysantri identified the need for a consulting firm capable of understanding the complexities involved in developing and executing a winning implementation plan that is founded on the client’s goals for harnessing all of the power and maximum benefit from their investment.  She also understood that such services need to be offered at an affordable rate, granting all customers the greatest opportunity for success.

Having recognized these needs, Ms. Lysantri worked towards her vision to start a clinical consulting firm dedicated to excellence in customer service and committed to ensuring success across all contracted projects. She founded CIS Consulting in 2006, and the company has since grown into a premier EMR Services Partner to multiple software vendors including Cerner Millenium, athenaFlow and athenaPractice (formerly Virence/GE Centricity® EMR and CPS), CureMD, and others.