Telehealth Solutions for COVID-19 & Beyond

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the impact on your medical practice might seem overwhelming. Whether you’re striving to protect the health of your staff, keep your patients safely at home, or maintain necessary care when a patient or provider is quarantined, telemedicine can help. And once the immediate crisis of the coronavirus is past, your practice and patients will continue to benefit from the versatility and convenience of quality remote care.

Our telehealth system delivers robust, flexible, award-winning platform that will serve you – and your patients – well.

Telehealth Solutions for COVID-19 & Beyond


With our Virtual Care Management system you can:

Protect your staff by reducing patient flow to your facilities;

Connect quickly in live video sessions for rapid assessment and triage;

Serve existing patients and the broader community;

Balance the workload of clinical staff across facilities;

Keep clinical staff in practice, even during quarantine;

Collaborate with other providers, follow-up with and monitor patients, adjust care as needed, and improve outcomes.

Additional features include a free mobile app for your patients, online visit payment capture, messaging-enabled “waiting room” for easy patient tracking and management, and a platform that supports your own branding.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering whether telehealth is right for your practice. There has never been a better time to see how telehealth can serve your patients, protect your staff, and help your practice thrive. Not only are the benefits of remote care clear, but regulatory support for telehealth has surged at both the state and federal levels.

Now is the Time!

We are ready to provide a system that will work for you and your patients, integrate with your current devices and OS, and help keep your staff safely engaged through the COVID-19 pandemic and whatever challenges may lie ahead. Give us a call or click the “Contact Us” button to get more information about how telehealth can support the success of your practice.