Improve the Efficiency and Quality of Your Practice

optimizationYou already know that good record-keeping, and easy access to those records, is essential to the functionality of your healthcare organization.  Staff and clinicians alike rely on accurate and up-to-date medical records to perform their duties in caring for your patients, so you want to be sure that the system and processes involving patient records are as effective and efficient as possible.

At CIS, our consultants provide expert workflow and system analysis and work with you to develop and implement changes to meet your goals for your organization.  Because we analyze not only the EMR system, but all of the workflows associated with it, we are able to identify opportunities for improvement practice-wide and develop a comprehensive plan that addresses specifics while keeping the whole in mind.  A coherent, unified optimization strategy supports a coherent, unified practice.

Whether your goal is simply more efficient use of your EMR system, more and improved staff collaboration, or even an improvement in your patient satisfaction rates, our consultants will deliver solutions tailored to suit your organization.  From the first steps of determining goals, through the training and continued support required to execute the changes that are necessary, our focus is on your success.