Optimize Patient Care by Making the Switch from Paper to Electronic Medical Records

Optimize Patient Care by Making the Switch from Paper to Electronic Medical Records

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As our world becomes more and more plugged into technology and electronic resources, paper is not only becoming obsolete but a waste of money and time. As a part of going green, people are opting for paperless billing and even so much as e-mailing receipts. Therefore, it only makes sense that medical services are joining the movement for less paper.

Whereas many industries and services are making the switch from paper to online, medicinal practices function a bit differently. The benefits of converting from paper to electronic medical records with CIS consulting firms not only lessens an environmental footprint but helps optimize and improve patient care. When patient care is efficient and as easy as possible, it helps save lives.

However, converting paper to electronic health records can be an overwhelming task. That’s where firms like CIS consulting step in to help make the transition into telemedicine as smooth as possible. The benefits of telemedicine for patients are numerous, but here are 4 reasons to switch from paper to electronic medical records today with the help of CIS consulting services.

Top 4 Reasons to Make the Switch from Paper to Electronic Medical Records Today

  1. Less Chance of Patient Records Being MisplacedDid you know that according to the Gartner Group, 15% of all paper documents are misplaced and 7.5% are lost completely? Perhaps those numbers seem small, but consider each person attached to those numbers. Furthermore, consider all the extra time and resources that went into finding misplaced records. If there was no hope of finding the paper documents, then think about all the tests that had to be repeated or information gathered once more.

    Making the switch from paper to electronic records with the help of clinical content consultants, like CIS consulting, saves valuable time, money, and resources.

  2. Optimizes Patient CareWhen there is more time to devote to patient care, there is a greater chance of patients receiving better care. Think about how easy it is for doctors and nurses to look into a patients medical history through a telemedicine implementation system. There is no searching through cabinets and files. All that they have to do is type in a name or reference number and their patients are pulled up. This leads to more time spent on troubling diagnoses. It also makes it easy for quick consultations and check-ups if the need arises.
  3. Improves Patient SatisfactionWe all go to the doctor. Think about the experiences that were pleasant and those that were frustrating and complicated. Chances are the visits that left you feeling dissatisfied involved some form of paper or clinical error. Perhaps it was just a disappointing experience because the staff was so busing sorting paper medical records, they didn’t have the time to greet and take care of you in the way you wanted and needed. Using CIS consulting to implement an EMR project can help with patient satisfaction.

    We are attached to our electronic devices because it is easy and efficient to get things done at the tip of our fingertips. An online system that allows patients to access their records, schedule appointments, and view test results will ultimately lead to more satisfied patients. Medical services are a business and the happier their patients, the more likely they will return for future care.

  4. Cost of PaperDid you know that 92 million metric tons of paper are being produced by the United States annually? Furthermore, there are over 4 trillion paper documents in the U.S. alone and that number is growing at a rate of 22% every year. We simply cannot keep up. Save money today by hiring a CIS consulting service and make the switch from paper to electronic records. It is better for the environment, the patient, and the success of the practice as a whole.

Don’t let the prospect of switching from paper to electronic records scare you. CIS consulting services are here to help make the transition painless and helpful.